What’s love got to do with it: How to show your partner they matter

You feel pulled in a million different directions.  New Baby---Work---Home--Your other children.  You are drained.  You fall on the couch at the end of the night and wonder if you have ever been more tired in your life.  Your partner joins you.   Your relationship glues and holds together this busy circus of a family. You wish you had an ounce...[ read more ]

Strong Emotional and Social Growth, Can Cooing Do It?

You lock eyes with your infant and coo until you get a smile. You are rewarded with a wide grin that makes you laugh. Your child smiles even wider and coos even louder. This interplay goes on for quite some time. You are just having a moment with your baby, doing what mommas do, and creating a bond.   But...[ read more ]

Is it really just a tantrum? How to know and what to do

You cannot believe your child’s temper tantrums.  They go on for what seems like hours.  Well, you have clocked them and you know that in the past they have lasted for at least an hour.  Your child will “come up for air,” only to begin again. The intensity of the blood-curdling screams is mind-blowing.  She throws herself on the floor...[ read more ]

Parenting Pages: Chaos in the Morning Routine

I believe that it’s valuable to represent the highs and lows that Motherhood entails. Motherhood isn’t always the curated photos you see scrolling through social media. It’s messy, it’s tough, it’s joy you’ve never experienced before, and it’s life altering.  Welcome to my corner of the internet, Parenting Pages, where I share with you my unedited experiences of parenting. It’s...[ read more ]

Postpartum Depression: What is it and how to move forward

Your body is in the room, but your mind is floating in the clouds.  You love your baby, but you just need a moment away.  No one understands the polar tug of so much love and so much sadness.  The days mesh into each other, late nights, early mornings, midday naps. Baby is crying again - you sigh out of...[ read more ]

Birth Story #2

Leading up to the birth of my daughter, I experienced an increasing amount of anxiety. Not only was I getting Progesterone shots weekly; but Coronavirus was ramping up and I was convinced she was going to come early, just like my son. All of these unknowns were not helpful in reducing my anxiousness. I packed our bags 4 weeks early,...[ read more ]

Postpartum Anxiety

In the mental health community, it is often discussed that Postpartum Depression exists. There isn’t a lot of mandatory course work discussing this topic or ways to treat it. It’s more often discussed in passing as something you may or may not run into in your practice. The problem with the lack of mandatory education is that you are DEFINITELY...[ read more ]

Birth Story Part II

My reason for breaking my birth story up into 2 parts wasn’t for the dramatic effect (even though it is pretty dramatic). But more so to emphasize what a different emotional experience it was before and after the birth of my son. So here is part 2!   I asked the nurse if everything was okay. She said he wasn’t...[ read more ]

Birth Story, Part I

Birth Story During both of my pregnancies, I was always intrigued by people’s birth stories. Not in the sense of wanting to freak myself out. But more in the sense of wanting to understand how to advocate for myself and to see how different people approached the birthing process. I read stories of natural births to epidurals; home births to...[ read more ]

Black Lives Matter

  I have spent the past few days trying to develop a thoughtful post expressing how I feel about the world right now. But as I sat here and reflected, I realized what I have to say doesn't really matter. What matters is that awareness is being brought to the injustice towards the black community at the hands of some...[ read more ]

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