Birth Story Part II

My reason for breaking my birth story up into 2 parts wasn’t for the dramatic effect (even though it is pretty dramatic). But more so to emphasize what a different emotional experience it was before and after the birth of my son. So here is part 2!   I asked the nurse if everything was okay. She said he wasn’t...[ read more ]

Birth Story, Part I

Birth Story During both of my pregnancies, I was always intrigued by people’s birth stories. Not in the sense of wanting to freak myself out. But more in the sense of wanting to understand how to advocate for myself and to see how different people approached the birthing process. I read stories of natural births to epidurals; home births to...[ read more ]

Black Lives Matter

  I have spent the past few days trying to develop a thoughtful post expressing how I feel about the world right now. But as I sat here and reflected, I realized what I have to say doesn't really matter. What matters is that awareness is being brought to the injustice towards the black community at the hands of some...[ read more ]

Mom of 2 in Quarantine

Maybe you can relate... end of February 2020 I hear rumblings that this virus, COVID-19, is starting to spread like wildfire around the world. I’m 9 months pregnant, with my 22 month old son at home thinking “that’s crazy, but it won’t impact me”. Fast forward, March 17, 2020: I go into labor and arrive at the hospital. My husband...[ read more ]

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