Recommended Media

Recommended Media

I enjoy incorporating podcasts, articles, television shows, movies, and books into my treatment. Here is a list of resources I suggest.


Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts

What Am I Thinking?

This Isn’t What I Expected

The Postpartum Husband

The Relationship Cure

The Attachment Theory Workbook


Anxious People

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone


Life Will Be The Death of Me

Five Languages of Love

Mating in Captivity

The Body Keeps the Score *trigger warning

Call Me Tuesday *trigger warning

Call Me Cockroach *trigger warning


The Calm App

The Relationship Card Deck

Love Nudge


Armchair Expert

Wendy Mogel

Dr. Drew

Brenè Brown

Jonathan Haidt

Dr. Phil

John Gottman

Johann Hari

John Kim

Esther Perel

Dr Alex Katehakis

Tal Ben-Shahar

Dr Nadine Burke Harris

Monica and Jess Love Boys (Armchair Expert)

The Couples Therapist Couch

Attachment with Annie Chen

ADHD and Couples Therapy with Ari Tuckman

When HE has a higher sex drive than SHE with Susan Bratton

Happy Mum Happy Baby

The Dutchess of Cambridge on the Early Years

Movies/TV Shows

Modern Love

Workin’ Moms

Ali Wong- Hard Knock Wife




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